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Faslane marines honoured for piracy fight
Rear Admiral Anderson presents the award to Colonel Gray, Commanding Officer of Fleet Protection Group....

Royal Marines from the Faslane-based Fleet Protection Group picked-up an award recently for their valuable work helping to stamp-out piracy on the high seas.

The award, which is sponsored by MDBA Incorporated – a world leader in missiles and missile systems, was presented to Colonel Mark Gray, Commanding Officer of Fleet Protection Group, by Rear Admiral Mark Anderson, Commander Marine Operations.

Fleet Protection Group have been the driving force behind developing new methods to battle pirates since 2000, and have come up with a series of highly successful tactics for non-compliant boarding operations – in other words getting onto ships at sea that don’t want to be boarded.

The Commandos’ work in coming up with the tactics led to an enhanced counter-piracy surge back in October 2009, helping to keep the seas safe from the threat of piracy.

The tactical deployment required liaison and co-ordination with a number of organisations across the Royal Navy. These included the Surface Flotilla, Navy Command Headquarters, Royal Marines Poole, the Lynx and Merlin Helicopter Forces and elements of Defence Equipment and Support amongst others, making it a real team effort.

While at Faslane, Rear Admiral Anderson also took the time to present a variety of medals, certificates and warrants to Royal Marines from Fleet Protection Group.


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