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HMS ILLUSTRIOUS stars in her own TV series
Channel Five showing six episodes of life on the aircraft carrier...

HMS Illustrious set sail on the 21st January on a deployment that took her on a mission fraught with danger, halfway round the world. Channel Five’s cameras were onboard capturing how ‘Lusty’ and her 1000-strong crew survive the four-month adventure.

HMS Illustrious is one of the Navy’s two flagship aircraft carriers. She was built 26 years ago, but has been refitted several times to keep her in service. Senior Marine Engineer Lt Cdr Helen Ashworth, describes the carrier as; ‘A classic old lady who’s doing the nation proud’.

Episode 1 Warship 19th May 2008 at 9pm
This first episode looks at Illustrious' history, shows her sailing from Portsmouth in January and meeting the Royal Navy Harrier Jump Jets in the Indian Ocean, who are coming onboard for training before flying off to the war in Afghanistan.

Episode 2 Warship 26th May 2008 at 9pm
Lusty’s crew get a second chance to prove they are ready for battle and ready to deploy. Then they are on their way to their first destination – Malta.

Episode 3 Warship 2nd June 2008 at 9pm
HMS Illustrious’ deployment is about to enter the sun soaked Middle East, but danger is just around the corner. They have to navigate the narrow Suez Canal – and the ship’s company must be ready for any potential terrorist attack.

Episode 4 Warship 9th June 2008 at 9pm
HMS Illustrious prepares to host a dinner for Commander-in-Chief Admiral Mike Stanhope, the awesome Harrier jump jets finally arrive, and the Chaplain braves a helo transfer to visit a Spanish frigate.

Episode 5 Warship 16th June 2008 at 9pm
The Naval Strike Wing pilots undertake daunting night landings for the first time, depleted stores are refreshed during a RAS with Fort Austin, one Weapons Technician gets some gruelling training to become a PTI, while a female Steward gets some work experience as a stoker.

Episode 6 Warship 23rd June 2008 at 9pm
The Harrier jump jets practise vertical take-offs, HMS Illustrious takes part in a submarine warfare exercise with HMS Trafalgar, and the ship's company carry out some charity work in Goa.



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