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Biggest livestock ship in record voyage with 22000 animals
Siba's DENEB PRIMA delivers largest shipment of livestock from Australia to South East Asia

In early June Siba’s livestock carrier Deneb Prima left the port of Townsville with the largest ever cattle shipment from Australia to South East Asia. The Queensland-Indonesia record voyage was successfully completed on June 25, with the delivery of over Euro7.2m worth cargo, including 20,060 cattle and 2,564 sheep and goats.

Siba say the success of this record cargo underscores the care taken by Siba towards animal welfare, surpassing its own higher standards which already exceed the severe regulatory requirements imposed by the Australian authorities.

Prior to the Australian cargo Deneb Prima had just completed a trip on the new route New Zealand/Mexico, a route opened only one year ago by Siba’s Becrux. The 213 m LOA, 51,000gt Deneb Prima is the world’s largest livestock carrier. She can carry 25,000 cattle or 120,000 sheep, or a combination of both, at speeds over 20 knots. Originally a container vessel she was converted to a livestock carrier in 2002 and acquired by the Siba Group in 2006. With her versatility and safety standards she sets new highs for the industry and an example to other operators in this sector.

The record voyage was a massive logistic exercise, successfully carried out thanks to Siba’s sister company Wellard Rural Exports, which put in place 28 road trains. The size of the shipment and its success set a benchmark for this rapidly expanding company.

Siba Ships began forty years ago as a specialist livestock shipment company, and today is the world leader in both capacity and high standards of welfare. Five years ago Siba ceo Mauro Balzarini began to diversify into other areas of shipping and today Siba manages a fleet of bulk carriers, some chartered and some owned. The bulk fleet includes eleven Panamaxes, three Handymaxes and one state of the art product carrier intended for carriage of clean oil products. There are plans for further acquisitions.

In early 2008 the world’s two most advanced livestock carriers will join Siba’s fleet. Currently building in Batam, Indonesia, to designs and specifications laid down by Siba, the ships will set new standards for livestock transportation.




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