Shipping & Shipbuilding News -  29 June 2007 - The Brightest Maritime Daily

Vessel launched for Bodewes at Gdansk shipyard
NINA BRES launched at Marpro Shipyard, Gdansk

At the Marpro Shipyard in Gdansk Poland, Newbuilding 683 was launched.

This vessel is the third of three 3750 DWAT vessels that is being built for the Danish owner Nielsen & Bresling A/S. The sistervessels, NB 674 Sine Bres and NB 682 Birthe Bres, were delivered earlier.

The vessel, NINA BRES, will be delivered in Poland at the end of this year.

Length over all 87,90 m
Breadth moulded 12,50 m
Depth moulded 8,00 m
Deadweight abt. 3750 ton
Gross Tonnage abt. 2658 ton
Net Tonnage abt. 1195 ton
Engine MaK 1880 kW
Trial Speed at summer draft 12,5 kn
Hold capacity 205.500 cbft



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