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The BC ferry prior to launch with one of those 'those symbols' that have raised concerns

German shipbuilders 'Nazi references' raise eyebrows
Nazi references fears over two German-built ships in one week

Last week eyebrows were raised, momentarily, after the head of the Jewish community in Hamburg expressed his concern that the latest cruise ship from the German shipyard of Meyer Werft was to be given a naming ceremony that resembled Nazi celebrations of the past.

The ship. AIDAdiva, was given a 'tower of light' celebration last night in Hamburg and, being the anniversary of Adolf Hitler's birthday, concerns were expressed that such coincidences could be construed as a celebration of Nazi values.

The Jewish leader however was satisfied that no such intentions were meant.

However, yet another embarrassment has surfaced,  with a ship built by the German shipbuilder Flensburger Schiffbau–Gesellschaft, Flensburg, for BC Ferries of Canada.

The ship, a ferry called COASTAL RENAISSANCE, carries on its hull motifs to indicate the presence of propellers. Unfortunately the design is just a little too close to the Nazi swastika for some people's comfort and the vessel's owners, BC Ferries, have asked the shipyard to soften the design and take away the hard edges that do look, if you are inclined to think that way, a little like the hated symbol.

The vessel was launched at the shipyard on the 19th April and the company began to get inquiries after the press photos appeared. Ten enquiries were made and the company decided to ask the shipyard to change the motifs.

"To us, it's an international prop symbol, but, if people are concerned about it, obviously we are concerned about it, so we will make sure it's changed before she leaves Germany." a spokesman told Canada's Times Colonist.

The COASTAL RENAISSANCE is the first of BC Ferries’ three new Super C-class vessels, and will be the largest double-ended ferries in the world. They will carry 1650 passengers and 370 vehicles and will provide both British Columbians and tourists alike with a whole new west coast travel experience. The new vessels will have a service speed of 21 knots and they will be amongst the fastest and most fuel efficient vessels in the BC Ferries’ fleet, the company said.


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