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Launch of HOEGH BANGKOK at Uljanik shipyard
Joins HOEGH DELHI as amongst largest car carriers in the world


On Saturday, 17th March, 2007, at “Uljanik” there was launched Hull No. 464 known as “Höegh Bangkok” from the slipway No. 1. The ship is a car-carrier of 16,700 dwt intended for the transportation of 7,000 cars and trucks for the Norwegian buyer P.D. Gram & Co. AS from Oslo.

This is, along with “Höegh Delhi”, the second ship from the contracted two identical ones for P.D. Gram, which at the time of signing the Contract were the largest car carriers in the world.

Present at the first touch of the newbuilding with the sea was Mr. Peter Gram – the shipowner with his wife Ragnhild who as, the “at work” and the future Godmother, at the launching cut the rope and let the ship slide down the slipway. Beside the shipowner, there were also present at the launching his closest collaborators and ULJANIK’s and the shipyard’s leading people along with the generally numerous visitors, interested citizens and, this time, a lot of children.

The welcome speech was made by Mr. Silvan Kranjc, Member of the Shipyard management who, on that occasion, thanked the company P.D. Gram for the trust shown but also the Owner’s supervisors from Det Norske Veritas as well as to the designers, constructors, workers and Uljanik’s sub-contractors.

It must be noted, that this is a new project of car carriers. The ship has got 13 decks of which two are hoistable, the parking area is 58,819 m2, in practice meaning that the ship can transport about 7,034 passenger cars or, figuratively speaking, a car line 30 kilometers long.

Except for her outer dimensions, the ship is conceptually similar to the car carriers which Uljanik is building for Ray Car Carriers and the Grimaldi Group. “Höegh Bangkok” is 199.90 m long, her breadth is 32.26 m and can sail at a speed of 20.8 knots.

The main engine for “Höegh Bangkok” built at ULJANIK Engineering Works has got nine cylinders and is developing an output of 14,220 kW at 127 RPM. At its manufacturing there were applied new advance technologies and the cylinders casing was made by welding instead of casting. This makes the casing lighter for about 30 per cent and at the same time simpler as it unites a number of so far separated bigger components thus rendering the installation and maintenance easier.

ULJANIK TESU have delivered for the ship the shaft generator having a power of 1,450 kVA at 100-127 r/min and 550 V voltage.

Today’s launching is the first out of six planned at Uljanik this year. The Shipbuilding Contract for Hull No. 464 – “Höegh Bangkok” was signed on 13th November, 2003, the keel was laid on 7th October, 2006 and the delivery of the ship is planned in June 2007.

After the launching there was laid on the slipway the keel for Hull No. 470 – “Grande Colonia”- a new 4,350 car-carrier – the eleventh out of sixteen ships contracted for the company Industria Armamento Meridionale that is, the Grimaldi Group.

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