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Third destroyer takes shape at Glasgow shipyard
First two blocks of HMS DIAMOND moved into position at Govan


The first two blocks of the third Type 45 Destroyer, Diamond, have been moved into the BAE Systems yard at Govan, Scotland. The blocks, which make up the stern and one of the mid sections of the ship, will now be joined together ahead of the final three blocks being moved into position. The destroyer will then be prepared for launch on the 27 November this year.

This latest move signals significant progress on the Type 45 programme, which has already seen the hugely successful launch of the second ship, Dauntless at the start of 2007.

BAE Systems Surface Fleet Solutions managing director Vic Emery said: “The Type 45 programme will provide the Royal Navy with a versatile destroyer capable of contributing to worldwide maritime and joint operations for much of the first half of this century. As well as providing a specialist air warfare capability, they will also afford the fleet a general-purpose multi-role platform capable of performing tasks from peace support and defence diplomacy through to high-intensity warfare.

"This move marks yet another major milestone in the Type 45 Destroyer programme, and reinforces BAE Systems’ commitment to the Type 45 programme and the on-going success of the build to date.”

Type 45 is set to be one of the world’s most advanced anti-air warfare destroyers when it enters into service in 2009 and will provide the backbone of the Royal Navy’s air defences for much of the first half of the 21st century. The vessels will be armed with the Principal Anti-Air Missile System (PAAMS), a world-beating surface-to-air missile system developed under a tri-national programme by France, Italy and the UK, and the SAMPSON multi-function radar, which combines the roles of surveillance and dedicated tracking into one single system.

The Type 45 will be able to engage a large number of targets simultaneously and defend aircraft carriers or groups of ships, such as an amphibious landing force, against the strongest future threats from the air.

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