Shipping & Shipbuilding News - 10 March 2007 - The Brightest Maritime Daily

Rotterdam strike over - by order

Tugs resumed work today after a Rotterdam court ordered that operations were resumed, ending a four day strike that has crippled the port and caused a massive backlog.

The Court of Justice ordered Smit's tugs to go back to work at 7 am this morning, saying the actions of the striking tugmen were 'disproportionate' and were having an affect on the Rotterdam oil sector, representatives of which had taken the step of bringing the case to court.

The court deemed that Smit themselves had no case to answer and they had not acted carelessly during the conflict with the striking tug workers.

Workers are demanding higher wages and bonus settlements, Smit have previously said they found the unions' stance 'incomprehensible' as they had, the company claims, agreed to most of the demands anyway, albeit in a different formula.

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