Shipping & Shipbuilding News - 7 March 2007
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Still no news as UN calls for resolution

No further news has come from earlier reports that talks had begun with the pirates that seized the mv ROZEN

Previous reports had indicated that the owner had spoken to the crew and that they were said to be fine, but so far nothing new has emerged.

The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP)  has made an appeal for an end to the impasse, saying that this is a very distressing situation for the crewmen on board the vessel and their families.

The ship is said to be anchored near the port of Eyl in northern Somalia.

On February 28th the The UN's World Food Programme Agency (WFP) had said that Puntland authorities had arrested four men whom they say were part of a group that hijacked the ship.

The men were arrested when they went ashore to buy supplies in the town of Bargal.

The vessel was hijacked on Sunday morning (25 February) off the northeastern coast of Somalia in the region of Puntland, with six Sri Lankan and six Kenyan crew members on board.

It had earlier delivered 1800 metric tons of food aid to ports at Berbera and to Bossaso, and was sailing empty to Mombasa in Kenya.

As Shipping Times UK first reported, all four of the company's St Vincent and Grenadine's flagged ships,  motor vessels  SEMLOW, MILTZOW, TORGELOW and now ROZEN have been captured by pirates as they made their UN-charter shipments.

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