Shipping & Shipbuilding News - 20 February 2007
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The selection of Leavesley International as the MoD preferred bidder for the disposal of HMS Intrepid was announced by the Ministry of Defence Disposal Services Agency (DSA) earlier this month.

DSA, working with DEFRA, have pioneered an innovative plan for the responsible disposal of UK flagged end-of-life ships. Following a lengthy period of public consultation HMS Intrepid will be the first Royal Navy ship to be disposed of in accordance with the recently published DEFRA Guidance Notes on Ship Recycling. The ship is also the first to be disposed of under the Green Passport scheme as adopted by the International Maritime Organisation. Currently located in Portsmouth Harbour, HMS Intrepid will be dismantled in the UK in accordance with the Basel Convention on the cross border shipment of waste. Negotiations will now take place with the Preferred Bidder with the aim of awarding a contract in Spring of this year.

A DSA spokesman said:

I am delighted that, following an intense competition, Leavesley International has been selected as the Preferred Bidder. The way is now clear to move forward to awarding a contract, so we can deliver a responsible and sustainable solution to the Royal Navy.

In addition this ground breaking project will go some considerable way in achieving the objectives and aspirations outlined in the DEFRA UK Ship recycling strategy.

James Leavesley, for Leavesley International said:

Leavesley International is extremely pleased to have been selected as Preferred Bidder for this important project and we look forward to continuing our relationship with DSA to reach contract award.

There has been much press speculation regarding the process of ship dismantling. The practices of the South Asian yards in particular have attracted universal condemnation and there is a demand for the establishment of a high quality dismantling facility in the UK.

Leavesley International proposes to recycle the ship in a strictly controlled and managed environment maintaining the highest health and safety and environmental standards.

Stuart Halsey, Project Leader and Head of Business Development for Leavesley International said:

The recycling of ships is an inherently sustainable activity where over 95% of the ships material can be recycled. HMS Intrepid is a typical example and Leavesley International will ensure that every effort will be made to recycle or reuse everything that is not genuine waste

INTREPID was launched on Thursday, 25th June 1964 at the John Brown shipyard in Clydebank, Scotland and commissioned on the 11th March 1967. Her life was given a reprieve during the Falklands War as prior to this she had been earmarked for disposal. She was placed in reserve in 1991 and eventually decommissioned in 1999 on the 31st August. She has been laid up at Portsmouth, alongside her sister vessel FEARLESS who was built by Harland & Wolff, Belfast.

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